What is it ?

Not everyone has smooth, silky hair which they can flaunt everywhere ; but with the advent of the all new REVOLUTION in hair smoothening, introduced from the heart of Brazil the desire of getting smooth silky hair is now possible.  The "Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment" is one of the best options for settling unruly hair where both Men and Women can make use of this fabulous treatment, specially for those individuals who refrain from chemical treatments. It is a treatment that lasts upto a maximum of 3-4 months with proper aftercare services.  It is the ideal treatment for any individual who has under gone a chemical treatment, and with continuous repetition of this treatment hair will be smooth, frizz free and easily manageable as it coats the hair shaft making it look more healthier.

Keratin formulas can be amazing conditioners and volume reducers .............. and they also vary in sophistication and effectiveness.  The product used by me is an original formula  which has been and which is still the most popular International Brand.  Featuring organic Theobroma Cocoa, this product is truly superior and consistant, and guaranteed you will be amazed by the results !!! Please find some questions that might be of intrest to you ;

Q. Are QOD products “formaldehyde-free”?

QOD’s Brazilian Keratin products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde, unlike formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. Instead, QOD has invested ten years of research into a patented process that mimics the effects of formaldehyde, and is readily accepted by the FDA.

Still, QOD chooses not to market their products as “formaldehyde free.” This is usually a disingenuous marketing gimmick, and potentially even harmful. Any formulation that produces a significant volume-reduction in the hair lasting several weeks is a potent salon product. It should be treated with healthy respect, and handled in compliance with sensible safety protocols by licensed hair professionals only.

Q. Does QOD Max contain harmful Ingredients ? NO

The QOD Max contains "NATURAL INGREDIENTS"  which are as follows ;
Cetyl Alcohol (organic co-emulsifier), Lanolin (ultra pure medical grade, hypoallergenic), Cetrimonium Chloride (emulsifier, anti-bacterial), Dimethicone (organo-substituted skin protectant), Hydrolyzed Organic Collagen, Bio-Organic Hydrolyzed Keratin Complex (patented), Polyquaternium 7(positively charged, patented), Methylparaben (naturally occurring antimicrobial), Propylparaben (antimicrobial), Cl 77400 (medical grade copper nanoparticles), Fragrance (natural, cocoa essence), Theobroma Cocoa Extract, Cyclopentasiloxane (organically bound silicon), Dimethiconol (skin protectant, non toxic alternative to ozone depleting chemicals), Aqua (purified).
Q. Can QOD Brazilian Keratin be used – and is it effective - on natural African American hair, short hair, and damaged hair prone to breakage?

QOD Brazilian Keratin can be used, and is effective, on all kinds of hair – even damaged hair. Straightening with these treatments coats the hair and replenishes its condition without changing or damaging its molecular structure.

Q. Does QOD Brazilian Keratin work on hair with extensions?

Yes. As always with extensions, care should be taken when flat-ironing: the seam where extensions are joined to the natural hair should not be flat-ironed.

Q. Why are the Aftercare Products important and essential?

The smoothening and conditioning effects of the Brazilian Keratin Products won’t last as long if your client doesn’t use a shampoo and conditioner that works with the treatment, rather than against it. The Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner are specially formulated to lengthen the treatment’s effectiveness. Among other things, they are free of sodium chloride - a chemical that reacts with keratin and can strip it out of the hair prematurely.

Q. How long does a Brazilian Keratin treatment take, and what does it involve?

Depending on the volume of hair and application process used, the treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to complete. First, the hair cuticle must be prepared, using an appropriate pre-treatment cleansing shampoo to strip away impurities. After application of the treatment itself, the hair is blown dry and infused with a 450 degree flat iron - trapping the moisture, hydrating the hair and creating a smooth, glossy finish.

Q. How often can a Brazilian Keratin treatment be performed on the hair?

As often as you like – it’s a conditioning treatment. If maximum volume reduction is sought, multiple treatments can have a cumulative effect. Many clients also request the service after a hair coloring or other harsh chemical processes in order to bring the hair back to its healthy state.